How to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine?

A man has osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

How to treat cervical osteochondrosis at home, because without timely healing therapy, such symptoms of osteochondrosis can lead to loss of working capacity.

Causes of the disease

Before starting to treat osteochondrosis of the neck, it is important to determine the factors for the development of the disease. It is possible to exclude the causes of the violation independently (physical activity, proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits). If not, then it is imperative to seek comprehensive treatment from specialists.

Why cervical osteochondrosis develops:

  • lack of physical activity;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • unhealthy diet, and as a result, overweight;
  • bad habits that lead to a weakening of the body's defenses;
  • injuries;
  • hereditary factor.

If you do not treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, then over time, the symptoms of the disease (pain in the neck, head, lower back, dizziness, increased heart rate) may increase, which will lead to a general deterioration of the whole organism.

Peculiarities of disease treatment

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis includes a number of complex actions, these are exercises, drug therapy, folk remedies, physiotherapy exercises, rubbing, massages and much more that will help relieve painful sensations, improve metabolic processes, relax muscle spasms, have a warming effect. . .

It is necessary to start treating the disease at home after consulting with the treating doctor, who will be able to prescribe the patient a full range of health therapy.


The following drugs are used to treat the disease:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • B vitamins;
  • chondroprotectors for cartilage tissue restoration;
  • muscle relaxants - drugs that help quickly relieve muscle spasms.

Ointments for the treatment of the cervical spine

There are several effective groups of ointments that help to cure cervical osteochondrosis.

  1. Anti-inflammatory ointments that contain analgesic substances - for example, a preparation based on lavender oil and menthol;
  2. Regenerating ointments - eliminate stagnation in cartilage tissue, relieve pain and relieve inflammation;
  3. Ointments to enhance blood circulation and nutrition of the tissues of the cervical spine;
  4. Homeopathic formulations based on herbal raw materials (if used incorrectly, they can provoke an allergic reaction).

For massages, you can use special massage ointments, which include mummy, bee venom, and other herbal ingredients.

Massage for cervical osteochondrosis

Neck massage

To eliminate osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, you can do a light massage of the cervical spine, back, and head area at home. At the same time, light pressure on painful spots, kneading the tubercles behind the ears, rubbing the neck, to improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles.

In this matter, the main thing is smoothness and softness when moving, you need to massage with your fingers, in the direction of movement from the spinal column and above. Before the procedure, apply melted honey to the damaged area, lightly massage the neck and shoulders, and then wrap yourself in a warm scarf and leave a warming compress until morning.


An effective home remedy for cervical osteochondrosis - red pepper, finely chop the product and combine with olive oil, close the lid, leave to infuse in a warm place for 5 days.

Afterwards, rub a small part of the raw material into the affected area to improve blood circulation and provide a warming effect. Store the prepared mixture in a cool place.


You can heal a patient of osteochondrosis at home with effective exercises:

  • regular nodding of the head in different directions, perform several times a day, especially when you are at the computer for a long time;
  • no less effective lesson - tilting to the left and right, moving the head back and forth without tilting;
  • reduction of the shoulder blades lying on the stomach, while you need to raise your head and shoulders;
  • vertical shoulder movements from a sitting position.

Such activities will help to relax the muscles, improve the general condition of the patient, the main thing is not to use force, so as not to cause pain.

Proper nutrition

You can also quickly eliminate the symptoms of osteochondrosis of the neck with a balanced and fortified diet. High-fiber foods, vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes will be helpful to improve the elasticity of cartilage.

It is important to saturate the diet with protein dishes, eat nuts, eggs, dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish and meat. But carbohydrates and animal fats should be abandoned, or their use should be reduced to a minimum.

Useful unsaturated fatty acids, ground flaxseed, red fish, hazelnuts, leafy vegetables, mineral water, decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants to strengthen the protective properties of the body.

Traditional medicine

An effective remedy for cervical osteochondrosis based on natural ingredients - horseradish leaves. You should attach the peeled sheet to the back of the neck and leave it overnight, fix it with a warm scarf. By morning, the pain will disappear.

Another way to treat cervical osteochondrosis among the people:

  1. Raw potatoes - rub with honey in equal proportions, use the mixture as a compress 2 times a week.
  2. Pork fat and chopped hop cones - prepare an ointment and use for rubbing problem areas.
  3. Mustard compress - mustard, aloe juice, propolis (50 g each) and 0. 4 liters of vodka, to relieve painful symptoms and improve blood circulation in tissues.

The main thing is to pass a test for individual sensitivity to the components of traditional medicine before starting treatment, and then use the product as directed.This is how traditional healers treat cervical osteochondrosis, both in the initial stage and during exacerbations. How else to help the body in the acute stage of cervical osteochondrosis?

Exacerbation stage

How to treat exacerbations of cervical osteochondrosis - a set of measures includes taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, stimulants to restore blood supply to cartilaginous tissues.

Specialists prescribe manual influence, therapeutic exercises, reflexology, acupuncture, hirudotherapy (with the help of leeches). In the absence of a positive result, surgical intervention will be required.

Preventive Actions

A possible way to eliminate the symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis is targeted prophylaxis, to strengthen the muscles of the cervical spine, to eliminate the inflammatory focus. Helpful hints:

  • regular physical activity, even with constant work at the computer, you need to do a light warm-up every 40 minutes, massage the collar zone, exercise;
  • proper nutrition - a combination of varied and healthy food, especially vitamins and minerals of natural origin;
  • compliance with the water regime - at least 2 liters per day;
  • rejection of bad habits that "kill" organs and systems, impair blood circulation, reduce the effectiveness of treatment of various disorders in the body;
  • it is important not to overload the spine, avoid heavy physical exertion, you need to sit straight at the table and monitor your posture.

How to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: well-known representatives of psychosomatics argue that everyone can learn to heal their body, and for this you need to look positively at life and what is happening, avoid stressful situations and not dwell on the negative.

In order for the healed cervical osteochondrosis not to return again, you need to follow preventive measures, take care of your health, strengthen the immune system and not ignore the symptoms of deterioration in well-being.